Me and my obsessions. I'm obsessed with blogs. For the past seven months or so I've used livejournal. And I like it. All my friends are there. But in my websurfing, I've come across some amazing blogs. Blogs of some amazingly inspiring people. And I'll admit that I would love to be one of them. Can I be? Will I be? What do I have to contribute to the community? Better yet, what do I have to contribute to the world? A full heart. An open mind. And much more.

In my surfing I've come across so many very cool blogs. I've added some to my list of links. If you are one of their owners, WELCOME! If you wish to be taken off the list, just say so. Of course no harm is done. :)

I am still unsure of my plans for this blog, but I hope it is destined for greatness.