Saturday, December 04, 2004

I recently bought a new journal (a real physical one.) I had just finished the one I had started 6 months ago. Even though I journal/blog here, the physical journal still feels comfy-er. I have some old journals of mine from years ago. sometimes I go back and read through them. And I see who I was then, and I think... 'If only I knew then, what I know now.' And I've actually started collecting journals so I have a few that are untouched yet.

So anyway, I have this new journal. And I'm having a hard time starting it. Usually I write what ever is on my mind, but usually to start a journal I like to have some thought provoking entry. And my mind has been somewhat scattered lately. Hopefully something will pop into my mind,or I'll be able to focus on something important to me soon.

My mind seems to be all over the place again lately. Not that its a bad thing, I just wish that I could pull it all together and focus on command.