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Barry said...

From reading (I think...) all your posts on this blog I'm going to try for your actual name - so: Hi Dawn.
Dawn last friday, after much promising I'd made to myself, i finally set myself up with one of these blogs and it has been a revelation for how i can use it for reflection. If you go to my blog you will probably see parallels in reflectiveness and desire for figuring out and being more peaceful with self.
But you may also note between the lines what I am also thinking/feeling as I think you and probably many others of us are: that this process is so so so healing for us and this world.
For instance, I don't 'know you from Adam' yet I identify with your thoughts and ponderings. I have a 28 year old daughter and I can hear some echoes of her. But much more than that, on yours and others people's blogs I've started to hear what I can now see I've been subconsciously hoping all these yaers that could happen with the internet: that reaching out innocently to each other could happen. It's happened here specifically because of the clarity of your journalling which led me to want to respond, but this process must be happening a bit all the time now - just through times like when you were reading random blogs and it must have touched you. Yours certainly has me Dawn.
Part of my peacefulness now is being happily married and being able as well not to have to worry any more about the whole 'intentions' thing and potentials for misinterpretations. I'm also finally getting somewhere with self acceptance so I feel comfortable dropping all kinds of worry processes i'd been hanging onto. So I'm posting little drawing and photos I've taken and that I cherish and even a bit of poetic type stuff.
Anyway, tis getting late and I had no idea I'd go on this much :>)
So. Bless you and thanks for your reflections.