Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm feeling kind of sad this evening. I miss my friends. I used to have lots of friends to talk to on IM and in game when I was playing EQ. Now I pretty much don't talk to anyone. Sure I still have those friends, but some don't reply to my emails, or some are just too busy with life, or game to talk.

I miss having people be happy to talk to me or see me. I wish I was more out going and could make friends easier. I don't feel unloved. I just feel lonely right now. I don't have anyone around here that I would even consider hanging out with. all my friends are online. There isn't even anyone at work that I would even think of would want to hang out with me. Frank has made instant friends with tons of people at work, he's already been invited out and stuff. I"ve known these people for 5 years. they've never even asked me out of politeness.

guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself right now. And not much good ever comes of that.