squishy grass stories

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I was reading my friend Leonie's blog just now and she was telling the amazing story of her lunch adventures in the park. Everything is so green in Australia right now.

And her thoughts and adventures made me think of the last time I was in a park and really enjoying myself. It was almost a year ago. May 1st, 2004. Central Park, NYC. It was a beautiful day, the park was full of people finally enjoying a sunny day. I remember sitting in the grass with my cousin and her friend, our shoes off, enjoying the soft cool soft grass. Staring up into the trees wondering when the leaves would take over again.

It was such a good break. I felt so free and wonderful to be out enjoying myself with friends. I can't wait for the weather to turn warmer again. I need to get outside and feel free again. Take some time by myself. Take my journal or a book to the park. Take my shoes and socks off and enjoy that cool feeling of grass between my toes again.