quite a journey

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


for all the whining and complaining and thrashing and struggling that I do to fight against myself along this journey, I truly am grateful to be on it. Although it may seem like I am not growing, because it isn't visible to the naked eye, I am. Or atleast I feel I am. Some days are better than others. And it is those days that I feel strong enough to conquer the bigger steps. And some days I just sit on the step I'm on and think, or cry. Which ever I need.

I know I'm a different person than I used to be. I truly feel like my eyes are open. And it does feel good to see the world around me in this light. So much potential out there, so much potential in here *points to heart* :)

see what happens when I have insomnia. I get all deep. hehe.