reminder to myself

Friday, October 28, 2005

The most loving way you can behave:
* ask for exactly what you want
* tell the absolute truth about what you want
* clearly let others involved know your expectations of them
* ask for clarity about what is expected of you
* tell the absolute truth about your ability to live up to the expectations of others
* renegotiate any agreement you have made if you find that you're unable to keep the agreement
* honor what you feel, first to yourself, then to others around you
* remain open to hearing what others want and expect, without feeling you have to do anything about it
* never dishonor or deny yourself, or what you feel, simply to please someone else
* be willing to surrender (give up) what you want or expect when surrendering it serves a greater purpose, such as healing or generating more love
* be willing to forgive people for the things they do or fail to do in fear or anger
* be willing to forgive yourself for the things you do in fear or anger
* bless every experience and ask that divine will and understanding be granted to you and others.

~ "living in the meantime" by iyanla vanzant