Friday, June 30, 2006

Sometimes I think I know right where I am headed in life and other times I look around I swear it's like I'm right back where I began. And other times I'm just completely lost.

Circles are a major theme in my life. Everything always seems to come around again. I am not saying that circles are a bad thing, infact I like that I can come "full circle" with events, thoughts, dreams... etc.

I am on this journey. I'm growing ever so slowly. I just have to remind myself that it is okay to go slowly. I'm not insearch of the destination. I am here for the journey.

On a lighter note...

birds have built a nest between the AC and the wall. (The AC is in one of those slide in units in the wall.) Toby (the cat) has pretty much permanently set up camp in front of the unit 'just incase' one decides to peck through the plastic accordian slats and the tape I have around the unit.

I'm sure the birds can get out the way they got in. It's just amusing to watch Toby sitting there with his ears perked up when he hears them scratching and fluttering their wings just out of his reach.



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