Things that need to be done...

Saturday, July 17, 2004

There are many things that I need to change/accomplish/do in my life. And if I don't start working on them, I will never be happy. Thus my journey, which in truth I am already on, begins here. My journey to like myself. Because only in liking myself will I understand and be able to accept love from others.

It is a scary journey. Or atleast it is right now. I feel like I'm staring into a black hole. But then again, could it really be any worse than what I've put myself through already? Is it worse than self-deprecating myself over every little
down-fall? Is it worse than wallowing in my own self pity or a wasted evening crying my eyes out uncontrollably. It can't be.

I want to be one of those people I admire. Some one who has found or is finding their niche in the world. Someday I would love for someone to think, "Hey, if she can do it! So can I!" I come from a family of strength, endurance and perserverance. Obstacles become merely pebbles along the road once you know how to deal with them.
Can I do this? I have asked myself this question a million times before. Do I believe I can? I am not so sure. I don't trust myself, which is also part of this journey. Trusting myself, trusting others, once again regaining trust in the world.
How will I do this? What will I do to change? Will it be enough? Does every little step count? sure it does. Will I pick myself up when I fall? Yes. Do I have the best support team in the world. Absolutely. My friends and family are
the best.

  • Learning to love myself.

  • Using my talents instead of letting them go to waste.

  • Spending Time each day, even it is only 15mins praising myself for continuing on my journey

  • Learning more about myself.

  • Becoming healthier physically. (ie lose wieght, pay attention to the messages my body sends)

This is only the beginning of my plan. I prefer to call it "my journey." Which may sound lame, but to me it sounds more interesting.


D Rant Master said...

I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey.