3AM insomniac

Monday, November 08, 2004

hey, how does that song go... 'baby, it's 3AM I must be lonely.' Yep, thats the time I decided to get up. I've been up longer. Probably since 2 or so.

I've spent the last hour (yes it's 4am) reading random blogs. What is it with my obsession. haha. There is just something about getting a peak into random peoples lives. To see how others live. What they do with their day, what they are coping with, how their lives are going. I guess it isn't a bad thing. Public blogging is just that... public. It's not like I'm reading someone's private journals. I have my own to read if I want that.

So yeah. reading blogs, looking at web page code and trying to decide how to cut things back on my poetry pages and maybe redesign. We'll see.

thins I need to do.

get scanner working.
scan pics for project
scan journal.
go to post office
-mail buds' cd
-mail debbie's videos
-mail tina's gift.
-mail journal.
-mail shawn and tammy's card
-buy stamps (cloud ones if possible)
think of something to send Tammy, (baby stuffs)
call char
practice knitting
practice crocheting
write :)
read Harry Potter
read Writing Down the Bones