Pete / Tevin

Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm shocked. I'm in a daze.

I just found out that a friend of mine from EQ that went to Iraq was killed yesterday. I can't say I knew Pete terribly well. But I did spend lots of time chatting to him about things like game, girls he liked, music and just life in general. Just last week I went looking for his address that he gave me so I could write him. Just last week I was thinking about him. Wondering/Hoping all was okay. I'll admit I kinda stopped following the war once my friend Ian came home. I knew he was safe. But they pretty much traded places.

He was so young, only 22. Seriously, just a kid. I'm kinda shaken up about it. I'm trying to do work. But I'm having a hard time concentrating. :(


Katie said...

I'm so sorry your friend was killed. I too just found out that one of my old EQ friends is currently over in Iraq. It's an odd and scary feeling, worrying about someone you've only know in a game and yet he is very much a real person and in danger.