eyes wide open

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I'm slowly learning about myself. Learning about who I am. What my potential is. It is all slowly being revealed to me. My life is being unrolled before me like a rolled up canvas. And little by little more of it is revealed. And I am intrigued and blown away by its contents and colors. Its depth and knowledge.
And its like someone whispering in my ear. Opening up my mind and my eyes to my world and to the meaning of life around me. And I'm coming into my own, and finally understanding life. It's potential. And how limitless it really is for me.
I'm back on track now. I thought that the last month had thrown me off. All emotions are part of it. You can't push out the bad ones trying to only be happy all the time. If the only emotion that you ever knew was "happy" then how would you know that you were, "happy."
My heart is full. I carry so many cherished friends with me every day. And they've all taught me more than I can ever imagine. I love you all.