night time.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

softly. gently. night unfurls it's splendor...

night is such a peculiar time. it's a dark covering over our eyes for rest or sometimes for deep thought.

Yesterday was wonderful. tonight I am teetering on the edge. waving my hands and trying to balance. Last week was soaked in doom and gloom. I'd rather spend this week soaking in rays of sunlight. I'm training my eyes to stay forward, stay focused and to stop looking behind me and dwelling on the past. The past has always consumed me. I spend days, months, years thinking bout stuff that happened so long ago, that no one else remembers it ever happened. But it effected me and left a huge hole that made it hard for me to climb out.

But I am not helpless. I will not lie down. I am not losing this game. I am much stronger than the dark cloud that follows me around knows."