Thursday, December 01, 2005

I've not written anything in an entire month. why? I guess I've just not had anything to share. work keeps me busy and as much as it keeps my brain stimulated, it just doesn't have any 'thrilling' stories that I want to jot down .

But this morning was different.

I woke up, ready to start another crazy thursday at work.

I got out of bed, got dressed, turned on my computer and read my email before leaving for work.

And there in my email were the words. 'he killed himself.'

my heart and my jaw dropped. an old friend, and AMAZING soul, took his own life last week.
We had lost contact with him these past few years, but it felt like it was only yesterday we were hanging out with him, shopping for more music, swapping mp3's, going on road trips to Cleveland or to Hershey, PA.

On our trip back from Cleveland we stopped at a gas station and bought snacks and caffiene to keep us going for the long ride home. Mark bought pixie sticks and taught us how to to 'shots' with them. Basically one person blows on one end of the pixie stick while the other person holds their mouth open. The sugar hits the back of your throat so quickly you end up coughing. But still, I just remember laughing so much when he told us how he and his friend had tried it with a GIANT pixie stick.


Mark was a musician, a DJ, a friend and so much more.

I know I'll fondly remember him. His warm smile and hugs.

God knows I always think of him when I see pixie sticks.