"You are sublimely, exactly how you need to be at this moment." - SARK

I need to open my eyes a bit wider and see this. I already am who I strive to be, I just need to accept it, rather than hide from it.

Mark's choice to take his life has been weighing on my mind. He suffered from depression. I always feel like I am struggling with my own. Twisting and turning, trying to loosen it's grip it has on me, sometimes giving in when I feel tired and worn. Sometimes able to break free and run a few miles before it catches up on me.

One thing is for sure. I will not let it win. I will not succomb to the selfishness of death.

Other things bouncing through my head is the jealousy factor, the me factor. I need to convince myself that I am important. Especially after saying above paragraphs.



... said...

you are important. :) you always make me smile!

it is hard when a friend chooses to take their life. you often wonder what you could have done or if there was anything you could have done to change this event. can't live life by the what ifs... i guess be happy with the thoughts you do have of him and be inpired by the happy memeories you have. ...and live.