the emotional rollercoaster of a week.

Friday, July 20, 2007

i am so very thankful for my life. i am so very thankful for the scary financial wake up call. yes, it could have been avoided. but whether you believe in god / goddess / higher power or not, I believe it was part of the "plan".

something was needed to really shake my world. make me wake up and take the next step in life. something was needed to make me mature. I really do feel ready to handle the next level of things.

I truly feel confident about our relationship. I've known from the beginning that we have something very special. That's obvious since we've not spent more than a week or two apart in 10 years!

We've completely held each other up this past week, each having our own weak moments, where we are scared, or sad or want to just sit and cry. But I truly know that together we can do anything. And I mean absolutely anything.

He is my hero. He is amazing. And I love him.